Episode 22: Paul Sullivan In Memorium

Back again, whether you like it or not. This is like that recurring dream you have, the one with the rabbits and the Demerol, but this time it’s real. It’s all too real.

In this show!

  • Paul Sullivan is leaving us! And Frank Castillo died! (NOTE: related?)
  • We take listener questions! From Twitter! It’s just as bad an idea as you think it is.
  • The Great Deadline Selloff of 2013 has concluded, and it looks like the Cubs got…um…some guys. We discuss!

All that, plus the usual discussion of movies, games, and personal asides that we probably shouldn’t be sharing with the public internet. Do listen in, won’t you?

PS: Here’s the Jay Thomas/Lone Ranger story that Dolan mentions in the last 10 minutes of the show:

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Episode 21: XBoned

Well, I guess “two” is the new “one,” because that’s apparently the number of hours the show now lasts for. On the plus side, if you’ve got a typical Chicago commute, you’re all set. If you have a typical Sacramento commute it’s about 115 minutes too long, so whatever. Continue reading

Episode 20: The Neverending Story

After a too-long hiatus, the band is finally back together! And what better way to celebrate a too-long hiatus than with a too-long show! Seriously, this is the longest show. We, as a nation, have waged shorter wars than this episode. I’m pretty sure, counting this episode, we are now the longest-running podcast (by actual show minutes) on the internet. Continue reading

Episode 19: Day Poddin’

The boys are back in the swing of things! Without me! I did try to crash the party several times, but apparently the iPhone doesn’t “work” so I couldn’t join in on the fun. Which would have been pretty great, because otherwise I was just sitting at my desk at work, wondering why the clock on my computer looked like it was running time in reverse.

On this show! The boys discuss the Cubs’ recent weekend of success (ironically, mere hours before they were whipped into submission by the Rockies’ Jeff Francis. Wait, what’s a Jeff Francis?), Dolan makes a spectacular unveiling, and Kerm makes like your grandpa on his deathbed and fades in and out of the conversation, while spewing racial invective. Wait, that might just be your granddad, my bad.

So sit down, strap it on, lube it up, and go to town. The podcast is (two thirds) live.

Episode 18: Northern Exposure

So, I got good news and bad news. The good news is, we’re back! It’s episode 18, and let me tell you, it was one of our better episodes. We talked at length about Mike’s impromptu trip to the land of ice and snow and Molson, we talk less lengthily about Andy’s trip to Florida, and we talk juuuust right about my trip to a Giants game where I saw a half-dozen lesbians beat the sweet, fancy Moses right out of some Harley guys.

Oh, the bad news? Yeah, Google fucked it up and this is more like an hour-long episode of Max Headroom. It’s a mess. So, go ahead and try to listen to it, or watch it, or whatever, but it’s seriously scrambled. I’m not apologizing though. No, this is strictly on Google. So go ahead and slap the next dork you see wearing Google Glass glasses right in his geek mouth.

Episode 17: Visitation Rights

Welcome back folks! Even more of you, as it turns out. A whopping 10 people showed up for the live stream, headlined by the guy that we actually invited ON the show. Thanks again to Kyle “The Third” Reichert for coming on and talking Cubs baseball, Kap’s inanities, and high school sports, before repeatedly driving a backhoe back and forth over his microphone for an hour while we tried to carry on the rest of the show. You win some, you lose some.

Other topics!

  • Kerm’s NiefiBall team isn’t doing as well as it would have if he’d just drafted the entire Cubs roster
  • We talk at length about Title IX. Seriously. Okay, no, not that seriously
  • We get kind of racist, starting with Kerm’s incomplete recollections of his “brown roommate” in college
  • Dolan has an epic anti-David Haugh rant, joining the esteemed ranks of such people as David Haugh’s mom
  • The Cubs make a thrilling comeback against the Brewers LIVE while we record! Listen to history being made!
  • I review GI Joe (thumbs down) and Olympus Something Something DIE HARD (thumbs sideways)
  • Dolan and Kerm talk about some TV shows

All this and more will be yours! Why aren’t you already listening!

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Episode 16: Warren-Free

So, due to some miscommunication, while this episode was being recorded I was at a bar, eating an “artisinal” burger. Which, let’s be honest, is just a nice way of saying that it’s the fist-sized hamburger your mom would make for dinner when all you really wanted was a Big Mac and a ball pit that let in 5’5″, 150-lb 9-year-olds. But I digress.

In this episode!

  • I don’t know! Because I wasn’t on it!

Seriously, though, I listened to most of the show while editing it, and Andy and Kerm do a bang-up job. Give it a listen.

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Episode 15: Lagtime

And thus we enter Week Two of the grand experiment. On this week’s show!

  • Andy has connection problems, so it’s pretty much the Mike & Warren show. Turns out, we never really needed him after all
  • Opening day discussions! We talk about who’s making the team, and where we think they should bat, and my GOD does the last third of the Cubs’ lineup suck
  • We play a game of “Defending Your Tweet.” Feel free to suggest theme music
  • Movie talk, featuring Skyfall. Specifically, the fact that both Mike and Andy loved it and I thought it was pretty lackluster
  • We discuss the upcoming GI Joe movie, and how the first one compared to that towering achievement, Battleship
  • Some video game talk, mostly fallout from me saying Bioshock wasn’t a revelation for me

That’s about it. If this doesn’t work for you, don’t worry, we’ll be back next week with more of the same. Prepare, sinners!
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Episode 14: Is It Drafty In Here?

We’re back! And now…drumroll please…we’re weekly! Well, after this one we’ll be weekly. Because as of this episode, we’re like bi-weekly, or something. We have the “Sharon Stone In Basic Instinct” of podcast schedules. In this show!

  • Mike reads us a list. It doesn’t even matter what was on the list. At this point, it’s a self-propagating show segment 
  • Jim DeShaeiouies first attempt at broadcasting (a failure)
  • My adventure on the roof of Harrah’s in Vegas
  • Javy Baez Is Baseball Jesus
  • WBC, yeah you know me
  • Mike has been playing like a million games. I think he actually plays like three of them at the same time. Just sitting in front of his TVs, PS3 controller in one hand, 360 in the other, an Amiga under his right foot. Just a nice quiet Friday night at home
  • I’m apparently the only person in the world that didn’t think Bioshock was a life-changing experience
  • Movies, stand-up comics, etc etc.

That’s it for this week, fools. See you in seven days! Or possibly more! We’ll keep you guessing!
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Episode 13: Hobocast

Mike is reporting live from Cubs spring training camp this week, so appreciate the insight of someone on the scene. And, judging by the sounds coming from the background, he’s also reporting live from a railyard. We’re still waiting for word on if he was able to hop a BNSF back across the country. His hobo name is “Slats,” in case you were wondering. Continue reading