Episode 14: Is It Drafty In Here?

We’re back! And now…drumroll please…we’re weekly! Well, after this one we’ll be weekly. Because as of this episode, we’re like bi-weekly, or something. We have the “Sharon Stone In Basic Instinct” of podcast schedules. In this show!

  • Mike reads us a list. It doesn’t even matter what was on the list. At this point, it’s a self-propagating show segment 
  • Jim DeShaeiouies first attempt at broadcasting (a failure)
  • My adventure on the roof of Harrah’s in Vegas
  • Javy Baez Is Baseball Jesus
  • WBC, yeah you know me
  • Mike has been playing like a million games. I think he actually plays like three of them at the same time. Just sitting in front of his TVs, PS3 controller in one hand, 360 in the other, an Amiga under his right foot. Just a nice quiet Friday night at home
  • I’m apparently the only person in the world that didn’t think Bioshock was a life-changing experience
  • Movies, stand-up comics, etc etc.

That’s it for this week, fools. See you in seven days! Or possibly more! We’ll keep you guessing!
Theme music courtesy Scott H. Biram and Bloodshot Records

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