Episode 21: XBoned

Well, I guess “two” is the new “one,” because that’s apparently the number of hours the show now lasts for. On the plus side, if you’ve got a typical Chicago commute, you’re all set. If you have a typical Sacramento commute it’s about 115 minutes too long, so whatever.

In this show!

  • Andy lost his Twitter account, but gained the ability to view Al’s tweets again. Sometimes the reward is its own punishment.
  • Carlos Marmol lost his closer’s gig. Again? I think?
  • I make the proclamation that Kerry Wood had several 1-hitters in his career. I was completely wrong. He had 2.
  • I was locked out of my house and got to fulfill my lifelong ambition of becoming Robert Urich circa SWAT by kicking in the front door.
  • Andy and Mike talk about Arrested Development for six hours a few minutes. You can tell I was totally into it, because I go radio silent for the entire conversation.
  • We talk about the new XBox One and it’s shitty DRM, which, later, went away, but NOT BEFORE WE TALKED THE HELL OUT OF IT. You can tell Andy was really into it, because he goes radio silent for the entire conversation.
  • Note that in the previous two bullet points, Mike was, in fact, completely into it.
  • We talk about like 90 more things, but you know what, just go listen for yourself.

That’s it for now, slackers. Enjoy what we gave you. Or don’t. Look, at this point, does it even matter? I mean, in a cosmic sense. You’re a grownup. Don’t depend on other people for your happiness.

Theme music courtesy Scott H. Biram and Bloodshot Records

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