Episode 22: Paul Sullivan In Memorium

Back again, whether you like it or not. This is like that recurring dream you have, the one with the rabbits and the Demerol, but this time it’s real. It’s all too real.

In this show!

  • Paul Sullivan is leaving us! And Frank Castillo died! (NOTE: related?)
  • We take listener questions! From Twitter! It’s just as bad an idea as you think it is.
  • The Great Deadline Selloff of 2013 has concluded, and it looks like the Cubs got…um…some guys. We discuss!

All that, plus the usual discussion of movies, games, and personal asides that we probably shouldn’t be sharing with the public internet. Do listen in, won’t you?

PS: Here’s the Jay Thomas/Lone Ranger story that Dolan mentions in the last 10 minutes of the show:

Theme music courtesy Scott H. Biram and Bloodshot Records

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