Episode 17: Visitation Rights

Welcome back folks! Even more of you, as it turns out. A whopping 10 people showed up for the live stream, headlined by the guy that we actually invited ON the show. Thanks again to Kyle “The Third” Reichert for coming on and talking Cubs baseball, Kap’s inanities, and high school sports, before repeatedly driving a backhoe back and forth over his microphone for an hour while we tried to carry on the rest of the show. You win some, you lose some.

Other topics!

  • Kerm’s NiefiBall team isn’t doing as well as it would have if he’d just drafted the entire Cubs roster
  • We talk at length about Title IX. Seriously. Okay, no, not that seriously
  • We get kind of racist, starting with Kerm’s incomplete recollections of his “brown roommate” in college
  • Dolan has an epic anti-David Haugh rant, joining the esteemed ranks of such people as David Haugh’s mom
  • The Cubs make a thrilling comeback against the Brewers LIVE while we record! Listen to history being made!
  • I review GI Joe (thumbs down) and Olympus Something Something DIE HARD (thumbs sideways)
  • Dolan and Kerm talk about some TV shows

All this and more will be yours! Why aren’t you already listening!

Theme music courtesy Scott H. Biram and Bloodshot Records

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