Episode 19: Day Poddin’

The boys are back in the swing of things! Without me! I did try to crash the party several times, but apparently the iPhone doesn’t “work” so I couldn’t join in on the fun. Which would have been pretty great, because otherwise I was just sitting at my desk at work, wondering why the clock on my computer looked like it was running time in reverse.

On this show! The boys discuss the Cubs’ recent weekend of success (ironically, mere hours before they were whipped into submission by the Rockies’ Jeff Francis. Wait, what’s a Jeff Francis?), Dolan makes a spectacular unveiling, and Kerm makes like your grandpa on his deathbed and fades in and out of the conversation, while spewing racial invective. Wait, that might just be your granddad, my bad.

So sit down, strap it on, lube it up, and go to town. The podcast is (two thirds) live.