Episode 5: Blame It On The Rain

Never let it be said that we don’t sacrifice for our craft. We battled technological issues, Dolan’s early bedtime, and an innate lack of talent to bring you this week’s episode. Programming note: there was an “Extra Innings” segment (alternate title: “Andy’s Crappy Netflix Recommendations”) taped, but the sub-par software I use to record the show decided that while it would save the recording to a file, it would be a zero-byte file. So that’s handy.

But! What show does exist is still worth a listen! And I know! Because I had to listen to the entire thing to edit out all the network-lag-induced sections of dead air. Sacrifices, people. We make them.


  • Darwin Barney wins a Gold Glove; Starlin Castro plays with one. Symmetry.
  • Who will replace Brenley?! Will it be Steve Stone? And will that make Mike a Sox fan, just to escape him? Find out!
  • Mark Grace heading to Federal Pound You In The Ass Prison.
  • Ozzie Guillen. Discuss.
  • The White Sox plan on eventually outdrawing the Cubs, once they leapfrog the Cane County Cougars.
  • Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!
  • Mike pitches us on the idea of changing the Infield Fly rule to make it more like a football fair catch, including the resulting Devin Hester fumble.
  • Andy pitches us on the idea of trading for Dan Haren.
  • I pitch the idea of signing Grienke, if only because “Grienke-Dinks” is a nickname that really needs to gain some traction.


  • Disney buys Star Wars!
  • Mike played Max Payne!
  • Andy played Assassin’s Creed!
  • I played…okay, probably TMI.

With that, it’s time to call it. We gone.

Theme music courtesy Scott H. Biram and Bloodshot Records

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