Episode 4: Gravy On It

We’re back, with a new format, new hosts, a new set, and we’ve refocused the show to drop the Cubs/baseball angle and instead focus on our true love, mid-19th-century dental techniques!

Okay, that’s all a lie. We are still playing around with the format though, so bear with us while we shake this thing out like a tofurky out of Prince Fielder’s jersey folds.

As-yet-unnamed First Segment: news!

  • Dusty Baker had a stroke, and then was extended
  • The trade of his son, Jeff, was finally completed
  • After years of flying them into losing seasons, the Cubs finally fired their traveling secretary

 As-yet-unnamed Second Segment: playoffs!

  • The new format: yea or nay?
  • It’s not a matter of who we’re rooting for, it’s a matter of who we’re rooting against

As-yet-unnamed Third Segment: other random shit!

  • Dolan recommends you watch more TV. And he’s a doctor, so you should listen to him.
  • Kerm recommends you play more Borderlands. He, too, is a doctor.
  • I recommend you improve your diet by eating more poutine; also, get some exercise and get curling. I am a doctor as well.

We’re looking for name suggestions for the segment names, so shout out if you have a good one. Or, hell, a bad one. This whole thing is a bad idea, why not go all the way.

So get your favorite comforter, curl up with a steaming plate of gravy, and get ready for the podcast of your life.

Theme music courtesy Scott H. Biram and Bloodshot Records

2 thoughts on “Episode 4: Gravy On It

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  2. Of note: the current record-holder for competitive poutine eating is Chicago’s own Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti, who ate 13 lbs of it in 10 minutes at the 2010 World Poutine Eating Championship (he placed second in this year’s event after being added to the contest as a replacement on short notice AND competing injured).

    It’s a French Canadian dish, so the “correct” pronunciation is closest to what whichever one of you (I haven’t committed whose voice is whose to memory yet) was saying the one that doesn’t rhyme with “spleen” was using, though that’s not exactly right either, but I don’t know a good way to explain it in text. At least 90% of Canadians don’t use the French pronunciation though, so don’t worry about ever being called on getting it wrong.

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